Friday, July 29, 2011


My husband, who we will lovingly refer to as "B", (ya know to protect his identity... and his dignity) does a lot of crazy things in his sleep. He has ordered lint rollers at hotels from the concierge, he has ordered Tupac posters from his blackberry off of , he has sang beautiful songs, laughed, cried, yelled and held full on conversations.

luckily he doesnt do anything too weird, just hilarious.

I'll begin with the past couple mornings...

B: "You smell amazing!!!! better than... apple pie!"

B: "I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger."

B: woke up singing justin beiber's "Baby", loud and proud.

B: " You smell like Havana Cabana Banana Bo-banna fo fanna.... *fades into jibberish* "