Thursday, November 17, 2011

As I am getting dressed in the morning...

B: "Dont be discouraged"
me: uh... okay, thanks...

He's even encouraging in his sleep, what a keeper.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

stained glass and the CMA's

b: "stained glasss...."
me: "What?"
b: "Stained Glass!"
me: "Where is there stained glass?"
b: "in the car"

a little while later... 

b: "Are you proud of me?"
me: "For what baby?"
b: "For winning a CMA award."
me: "Uh... I didnt know you won a CMA award, but yes im proud of you."
b: "thanks, I worked really hard."

stained this guys dreams are crazy! love him.

Monday, October 31, 2011

3 little pigs...

So this is really blurring the lines between being awake and asleep. This morning B started to tell me about his dream from last night. However, I wasn't sure if he was actually awake when he was telling me this. I asked B about this later and he says he was indeed awake. But its funny anyways...

B: "I had the craziest dream that we were being invaded by 3 mini-pigs last night!"
me: "What?..."
B: "yea, they were so cute! but you have to hold them, if you put them down they will pass out"
me: "Thats really weird... but they were cute?"
B: " yeah they were really really cute!"

I'm not sure what the interpretation of this dream would be... 
But weirder things have happened on Halloween I guess, Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tread lightly

remember, this is in the dead of the night...

B: "Did you get a treadmill?"
Me: "What? No..."
B: " Okay, good cuz it wouldn't fit in here"
Me: "yeah... okay go back to sleep."
B: "okay... ZZZZ"

Young B? 

Ps- he is totally right, 
we dont even have enough room for a washer/dryer, 
let alone a treadmill! haha 


So we went to Home Depot to fix the bed.

We found a piece of wood that was the width that we needed, then hunted for an associate to help us cut it. The following conversation ensued...

B: "Hey can you help us cut this piece of wood?"
Home Depot Worker: "Sure, how long do you need it?"
B: "76 Inches"
Home Depot Worker: "Alright... Slats for a bed frame?"
B: *rather sheepishly* "Yeah... I broke our bed"
Home Depot Worker: "Ha, yeah man, I've done that a few times!"
B&Me: ..............AWKWARD?!?!!..................
B: "Yeah I dove onto it and it broke" (obviously trying to steer the conversation away from any innuendos regarding how the bed was broken... multiple times.) 


In conclusion, we finally fixed our bed and can now go back to enjoying all the things my husband says in his sleep.

Monday, October 17, 2011


So this post is not about something B did in his sleep. But it does involve the bedroom (not that, pervs) so I figured I could post it on here anyways.

So every night B steals all the covers and twists them up into a tiny ball that he then snuggles with the rest of the night. (this is an undisputed fact. undisputed because B is not on here to dispute it) Anyways... in order for me to have a fighting chance at being covered at some point in the night we have to at least start out with the covers straightened out and nicely covering everyone.

So the other night, I asked him to kindly straighten out the covers while I plugged in our cell phones for their nightly charge. You can imagine my surprise and immediate fear for my life when I saw THIS: 
B had taken the covers, stretched them hand to hand so he looked exactly like a flying squirrel and FLEW with it onto the bed.
There was a loud crash, a poof of feathers from our down comforter, annnnnd this: 

Broken Bed Frame.
(the big gap is where the wood snapped in.
The wood is now laying in several pieces on the floor.) 

I dont think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Needless to say, B and I will be heading to Home Depot tonight to fix this "situation". 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

new bike

So B got a new bike over the weekend... I have banned him from riding it until he has a helmet because, well he's a little accident prone, not because he is clumsy, he's just that guy. He's the 1% that gets infection, the kid that got the swine flu, the one who always winds up getting hurt. That being said... here's what I heard last night:

b: "You cant ride my bike"
me: *waking up, thinking he is awake* "Why not?!"
b: "Because it doesnt fit you and you dont have a helmet"
me: "okay"
b: "you can if you get a football helmet..."
me: "why a football helmet?"
b: "because it will protect your beautiful face"
annnnnd, back to snoring.

we keep each other safe I guess!

Monday, October 10, 2011

football and tater tots

So since B falls asleep much faster than I do, sometimes I think that he is still awake when really he is fast asleep. This means that I will ask him questions and naively think he will respond coherently. Funnily enough, he usually always responds, despite being asleep. This means that I often think he is awake when he is definitely not awake...

Me: *just fading into the beautiful quiet of sleep....*
B: *starts laughing, pretty hard*
Me: "Whats so funny? What are you laughing about?"
B: "Hah, your dad just scored a touchdown. It was so funny. Hah, he was running with his little legs..."
Me: "I guess that would be pretty funny..."

Later that night...

B: "Get the tater tots!!!"
Me: "What?"
B: "Get the tater tots out of the oven!"
Me: "okay I will, go back to sleep."
B: "okay, thanks."

not sure what that last one was all about...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

and the signing continues...

*sang to the tune of the goldfish commercial song*

B: "I love kasey cuz she so delicioussss!" rolls over and falls back asleep.

he loves me and goldfish? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts both B and I have been sick the last two weeks. However the lack of posts is not due to lack of material, apparently Nyquil takes B's sleep-talking to a whole new level...

I literally woke up to this:

B: *Singing at the top of his lungs* "Sugar Sugar how you get so FLLLLLYYYY? Sugar Sugar how you get so flyyyyy?
B: *stops singing and gets really serious* seriously baby, how'd you get so fly?
Me: I really dont know hun.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


*I am awake getting ready, B is alseep and randomly shouts this out...

b: "I am going naked to the Hurricane!"
me: "...why would you want to do that?"
b: "You cant stop me. I'm doing it."
me: okay...

i dont think im even going to try and stop him. haha

happy birthday

This post comes from last week, (sorry I am a little slow to update sometimes) but this is one that I wont forget any time soon. haha.

b: rolls over and sees me, then says,  "Happy birthday baby!"
me: "thanks honey!" (I figured I'd go with it, I mean, come on how many times does a man remember a birthday? even if its way off. haha)
b: "what kind of cake do you want?"
me: "chocolate, of course!"
b: "okay I will make it for you... i love you. happy birthday"

Thursday, August 18, 2011


B: " You are my wife."
*rolls over then promptly begins snoring.*

Monday, August 8, 2011


me: "B its time to wake up for church"
B: "I really dont feel good, lets just go to a later one"
me: "are you sure?"
B: "yeah I really dont feel well"
me: "okay baby just go back to sleep then"

hours later....

me: "so baby are you feeling better now?"
B: "what are you talking about?"
me: " you told me you were sick and thats why you wouldnt get up for church..."
B: "seriously?? I dont remember that at all! hah. I feel fine!"

i guess we dont get any blessings this week. next time i wont trust sleep-husband and his sleep-excuses.


Friday, July 29, 2011


My husband, who we will lovingly refer to as "B", (ya know to protect his identity... and his dignity) does a lot of crazy things in his sleep. He has ordered lint rollers at hotels from the concierge, he has ordered Tupac posters from his blackberry off of , he has sang beautiful songs, laughed, cried, yelled and held full on conversations.

luckily he doesnt do anything too weird, just hilarious.

I'll begin with the past couple mornings...

B: "You smell amazing!!!! better than... apple pie!"

B: "I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger."

B: woke up singing justin beiber's "Baby", loud and proud.

B: " You smell like Havana Cabana Banana Bo-banna fo fanna.... *fades into jibberish* "