Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mothers day

This blog post isnt about my poor husband, who gets embarrassed quite often on my blog. This is about my dear mother, in honor of mothers day.

Last night I called her at around 10:30 her time, which apparently is way too late to be calling. Being the wonderful mother that she is, she answered the phone even though she was obviously  asleep. The conversation went a little something like this...

mom: "Hullo??...."
me: "Hey Mom, sorry were you asleep? I was just calling to talk."
mom: "Yeah... I'm sleeping."
me: "Okay sorry Mom, go back to sleep ill just talk to you tomorrow."
mom: "Okay baby... I love you. Take your vitamins..."
me: "Okay Mom, I will. Love you, bye!"

Even in her sleep, she cant help but admonish me for not taking my vitamins. You can't coach that.

Best. Mom. Ever.