Thursday, September 15, 2011


*I am awake getting ready, B is alseep and randomly shouts this out...

b: "I am going naked to the Hurricane!"
me: "...why would you want to do that?"
b: "You cant stop me. I'm doing it."
me: okay...

i dont think im even going to try and stop him. haha

happy birthday

This post comes from last week, (sorry I am a little slow to update sometimes) but this is one that I wont forget any time soon. haha.

b: rolls over and sees me, then says,  "Happy birthday baby!"
me: "thanks honey!" (I figured I'd go with it, I mean, come on how many times does a man remember a birthday? even if its way off. haha)
b: "what kind of cake do you want?"
me: "chocolate, of course!"
b: "okay I will make it for you... i love you. happy birthday"