Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tread lightly

remember, this is in the dead of the night...

B: "Did you get a treadmill?"
Me: "What? No..."
B: " Okay, good cuz it wouldn't fit in here"
Me: "yeah... okay go back to sleep."
B: "okay... ZZZZ"

Young B? 

Ps- he is totally right, 
we dont even have enough room for a washer/dryer, 
let alone a treadmill! haha 


  1. Dave just told me about your blog and it is so funny and true! The funniest thing is, he just told me to check out this funny blog and he didn't tell me who it was, I was laughing and thinking of B as being accident prone and Dad's with short legs etc. then he told me who's blog it was and I really laughed!

  2. hahah its too funny not to share! will you send me an invite to your blog??