Monday, October 31, 2011

3 little pigs...

So this is really blurring the lines between being awake and asleep. This morning B started to tell me about his dream from last night. However, I wasn't sure if he was actually awake when he was telling me this. I asked B about this later and he says he was indeed awake. But its funny anyways...

B: "I had the craziest dream that we were being invaded by 3 mini-pigs last night!"
me: "What?..."
B: "yea, they were so cute! but you have to hold them, if you put them down they will pass out"
me: "Thats really weird... but they were cute?"
B: " yeah they were really really cute!"

I'm not sure what the interpretation of this dream would be... 
But weirder things have happened on Halloween I guess, Happy Halloween! 

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