Monday, October 17, 2011


So this post is not about something B did in his sleep. But it does involve the bedroom (not that, pervs) so I figured I could post it on here anyways.

So every night B steals all the covers and twists them up into a tiny ball that he then snuggles with the rest of the night. (this is an undisputed fact. undisputed because B is not on here to dispute it) Anyways... in order for me to have a fighting chance at being covered at some point in the night we have to at least start out with the covers straightened out and nicely covering everyone.

So the other night, I asked him to kindly straighten out the covers while I plugged in our cell phones for their nightly charge. You can imagine my surprise and immediate fear for my life when I saw THIS: 
B had taken the covers, stretched them hand to hand so he looked exactly like a flying squirrel and FLEW with it onto the bed.
There was a loud crash, a poof of feathers from our down comforter, annnnnd this: 

Broken Bed Frame.
(the big gap is where the wood snapped in.
The wood is now laying in several pieces on the floor.) 

I dont think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Needless to say, B and I will be heading to Home Depot tonight to fix this "situation". 

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