Monday, October 10, 2011

football and tater tots

So since B falls asleep much faster than I do, sometimes I think that he is still awake when really he is fast asleep. This means that I will ask him questions and naively think he will respond coherently. Funnily enough, he usually always responds, despite being asleep. This means that I often think he is awake when he is definitely not awake...

Me: *just fading into the beautiful quiet of sleep....*
B: *starts laughing, pretty hard*
Me: "Whats so funny? What are you laughing about?"
B: "Hah, your dad just scored a touchdown. It was so funny. Hah, he was running with his little legs..."
Me: "I guess that would be pretty funny..."

Later that night...

B: "Get the tater tots!!!"
Me: "What?"
B: "Get the tater tots out of the oven!"
Me: "okay I will, go back to sleep."
B: "okay, thanks."

not sure what that last one was all about...

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