Thursday, October 13, 2011

new bike

So B got a new bike over the weekend... I have banned him from riding it until he has a helmet because, well he's a little accident prone, not because he is clumsy, he's just that guy. He's the 1% that gets infection, the kid that got the swine flu, the one who always winds up getting hurt. That being said... here's what I heard last night:

b: "You cant ride my bike"
me: *waking up, thinking he is awake* "Why not?!"
b: "Because it doesnt fit you and you dont have a helmet"
me: "okay"
b: "you can if you get a football helmet..."
me: "why a football helmet?"
b: "because it will protect your beautiful face"
annnnnd, back to snoring.

we keep each other safe I guess!

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